Monday, May 6, 2013

Why do this

Why would I, Julie Vriesema want to ever write a blog...good question, not sure.

I was visiting with my Mom this morning and enjoyed our visit.  She talked to me about when they
first emigrated to Canada.  How the house they 1st lived in was not lived in for many years and had lots of snakes all over the place.  They never had snakes in Holland and this really scared my Grandma. When they would pump water parts of dead snakes would come out and that was the water they would have to drink.  I thought how I used to love to hear stories from my Dad and his childhood and life.

So in this day and age why not write about our life so that may-be someday my great grandchildren may be able to read a little about me. Or my kids may remember a little more of us and our lives together.

My husbands uncle just passed away a week ago today.  He had written a blog about his journey with CMML.  We enjoyed reading it and were eager to read what had happened that day.  It is a great keepsake for their family.

My life has also dramatically changed this years as I fractured my skull and now have post concussion syndrome.  I find it hard to find info on concussions and the little I did read about really interested me.  Personal stories of people living with it I liked the most. I haven't found many

reasons to...
1. for my kids
2. for my friends and family
3. for people with concussions
4. why not... 

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