Monday, May 6, 2013

A Big Change

January 25, 2013.

Was the one year anniversary of my Dad's passing.  Chuck, Myself and our kids had spent the night prior at a motel in Port Huron, MI just to get away.  We stayed somewhere with an indoor pool.  We went out to see a movie and just spent some fun time away together.  We came home on the 25th of January.  Chuck and I decided to go on a date and we went out to see a scary movie, it was a lot of fun. We got home around 10:30 and began some more work on our "indoor" ice rink in the cover all.  Chuck went into the house and I wanted to keep going for awhile longer.  I was wearing Mikes snowboarding boots that don't have any flex.  I stepped to the side and in one swift life changing moment I fell back landing on the back of my head on the ice.  I think I sat up instantly and knew it wasn't good and that I needed to get to the house.  I left the water running and it was all I could do to make it to the door.  It was a struggle I opened the door and told Chuck I hit my head on the ice. I think I laid on the floor and he got me into the van or truck can't remember what we used.  I told him I needed some dry clothes.  While I was waiting I was struggling to stay awake so I honked the horn and chuck ran back.  I remember telling myself to stay awake and I remember getting to the stop sign in Watford. After that moment I don't remember anything other than what Chuck told me. He said I was awake and talking the whole time but I do not remember.  It wasn't till hours later that I finally remembered something  I remember him telling me we were going home soon, 6 hours after arriving.  I did not want to leave at all, I did not want to move, I have never felt that sick.  I remember thinking why are my Mom and Dad not here? oh was late and they would be sleeping. Thinking that I would not be up for cooking and that Chucks Mom would make us some food I was sure of that. I do not remember leaving the hospital but I do remember arriving at the stop sign in Watford again and needing to vomit yet again.

In the hospital I was asking 3 questions over and over again.
1. Where are we?
2. Who's watching our kids (thinking of just mike and chariese as babies)
3. Where's the Dr?  (impatient me)
Surprising enough Chuck said he wasn't to worried as the Dr's didn't seem too worried.  I would have been losing my mind if Chuck kept asking me the same questions for hours.  How annoying!
Apparently when Chuck was getting sick of me asking he would change the answer to Sandy is watching the kids.  Sandy is Chucks aunt who stood up for us in our wedding.  Was like a 2nd Mom to Chuck and our aunt, best friend and like a Grandma to our kids.  My answer was who is Sandy to watch our kids?!!! not a clue who he was talking about.  This too, would freak me right out if Chuck didn't know who she was.  He stayed calm.

When we did get home bed never felt so good ever! All I wanted to do was lay down and sleep... Little did we know what call was waiting for us the next morning. 

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